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Privacy Policy

What we mean by personal information?

By personal information, we mean name, address, email address, phone number, city, state, country; broadly. Our online visitors might be asked to fill up some or all of these informational details. We generally use these details for promotional purposes either singly, or jointly with our collaborations. As such, there are little chances that your private information can get misused.

The website operated by Vinay Group of Companies (hereafter "us") aims to respect users' privacy, meticulously handle personal information, and manage its safety and correctness, using the following measures and rules.

1. Strict Adherence to Laws and Regulations

While collecting, using, or providing information concerning an individual user (henceforth "personal information"), we shall follow the Act on Protection of Personal Information, related statutes, and other rules; set stringent internal regulations, and handle all personal information under watchful management.

2. Internal System

We shall undertake every possible measure to promote a sense of accountability in the senior management. We hold each department head responsible for the management of personal information through the implementation protective mechanisms for safeguarding personal information.

3. Internal Education and Enlightenment

We shall conduct training sessions and educative drives so that staff members, who are involved in handling personal information, including top management personnel, full- and part-time employees, temporary workers, and contractors; stay aware of the importance of protecting personal information and handle it with utmost care.

4. Security

We work hard to safeguard personal information against unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration or leakage.

5. Inquiry of personal Information

Our company would disclose personal information details of a customer to a reasonable extent on request by the customer himself, except in cases in which disclosure is likely to harm the life, body, property, or other interests of other customers, or in cases in which our company judges that disclosure will significantly interfere with the business administration of our company.

6. Collection and Use of Personal Information

Certain products and services that we provide, need certain details that are otherwise optional to be given. In such cases, we shall make clear how it is to be used and use it in that way. Except in cases with just cause such as legal obligation, we will obtain the user's consent before using personal information otherwise than for the original purpose.

7. No Disclosure or Transfer to Third Parties

We shall shun the practice of parting with sensitive and personal information of our customers and clients. Any party, associated with us, for our business collaboration and contractorship would not be given rights to access customer information directory. In case of utter need, a confirmed authorization from the side of the customer would be requested for. Customers' and clients' consent would be considered ultimate.

8. Disclosure, Correction, Etc. of Personal Information

On user request, to check, retrieve or correct personal information he or she has previously supplied, we shall respond promptly, within the bounds of reason.

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